Wednesday 25 April 2012

EMR is fundamentally right says EDF boss

EMR is fundamentally right says EDF boss

EDF boss Vincent de Rivaz says the EMR is right and the time for talking about it is over.

Speaking exclusively to ELN at EDF's Talk Power conference in London, the CEO of the French energy giant said the reform has to be implemented if we are to make energy affordable in the future.

"This EMR is fundamentally right and fundamentally needed, it's not about lesser markets its about better markets. It's no longer a debate about the reform, I'm sorry to say that the debate is over. It has taken place, it was a good long informed debate, the decision has been taken we are now in the implementation stage," said Mr de Rivaz.

Speaking on the same day as the Clean Energy Ministerial the CEO also said other nations would be watching the UK's lead. "I can tell you Britain will be watched positively by other countries."

He added EMR was all about forward thinking to meet the challenges of the next decade: "The reform is there because the challenges have changed the context is not the same. We were in over capacity we are now in under capacity, we had oil and gas reserves in the North Sea, we are now depending on foreign countries for these fossil fuels.

"Nobody was talking about climate change and CO2 ten years ago now its a major issue and affordability is critical. I have said it that in a crisis environment affordability is more than ever needed. We cannot live beyond our means.

"EMR for me is the right answer to the question how can we avoid to live beyond our means."

The EMR is due to be finalised into law sometime in the summer.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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