Monday 16 April 2012

ABB launches EV charger for business parking

ABB launches EV charger for business parking

The case for electric vehicles was given a boost today, as technology firm ABB launched a new charging point specifically for businesses. The Terra Smart Connect is designed for fast-charging in commercial and office areas.

The new Terra SC can fully charge an electric vehicle in 30-120 minutes, making it ideal for business people who travel for lunches or business meetings, the company say. Earlier this year ABB installed the UK’s first privately-owned direct current (DC) rapid-charging station for electric vehicles at a printing company in Nottinghamshire.

Hans Streng, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ABB’s Product Group EV Charging Infrastructure said: “Fleet owners, utilities, service operators and car-OEMs are convinced of the need for DC rapid charging. The possibility to quickly recharge will help potential buyers overcome the hurdle of range anxiety. That’s why the UK needs DC charging – in addition to the existing AC infrastructure – to further drive electric mobility,''.

ABB estimates the EV charging infrastructure market will be worth $1 billion (£630m) by 2017.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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