Wednesday 14 March 2012

Davey faces tough question from 10-year-old

Davey faces tough question from 10-year-old

Energy Secretary Ed Davey had the wind blown out of him by a ten year old who asked why the UK bought energy from the French.

Charlie Paige (pictured) provoked roars of laughter when he posed the kind of incisive question most hacks fear to ask leaving Mr Davey grinning as he realised he'd been outdone.

After a moment to recover his thoughts, Mr Davey told a nonchalant Charlie how the French were good friends who sold us excess power from their nuclear stations through a big cable under the sea and that they also owned some of our energy companies but that was alright as we have companies over there.

Speaking exclusively to ELN afterward Charlie told us the rationale for his enquiry: "It came from my older brother but I decided to ask it."

So what did he think of the Energy Secretary's response? "Well it was quite good but we are kind of wasting money with a pipeline through the ocean and that's making the oceans worse so I don't think we should do it."

The mini Paxman was one of the winners of a climate competition run by National Geographic where kids got the chance to sketch their ideas for a greener future. His prize was a chance to question both Mr Davey and Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman at the Science Museum this morning.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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