Tuesday 13 March 2012

Davey: ‘UK is 100% committed to 2020 target’

Davey: ‘UK is 100% committed to 2020 target’

Energy Secretary Ed Davey has staunchly defended his Government's policies concerning the 2020 renewable energy targets. An article in a Sunday newspaper claims leaked documents from Whitehall suggested the target should be "scrapped."

Mr Davey said the article was "wholly wrong" and "the UK is 100% committed to the 2020 EU renewable energy target."

The article also claimed the coalition wanted to give nuclear power parity with renewables, which might risk putting off investors in the UK's green sector.

Mr Davey argued green technologies have a place in the UK but also that nuclear couldn't be counted out: "Renewables will play a key role in the future UK energy mix, helping to reduce import dependency and meet our carbon targets.

"But the consumer will be best served in the long term through all low carbon energy technologies competing freely to meet our energy needs and emission reduction targets."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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