Tuesday 13 March 2012

British Gas to offer tariff comparison on its customers’ statements

British Gas to offer tariff comparison on its customers’ statements

British Gas will begin to display information of its different tariffs on its customers' annual statements. In an attempt to provide greater transparency and to make buying energy more "simple", the UK's largest energy provider said almost nine million customers will have benefited by April 2013.

In a table on the front page of annual statements, customers will be able see:

  • How much gas and electricity they have used over the year, set out in pounds and pence
  • A forecast of what they will spend if they remain on their existing tariff for another year
  • The cost savings available on other British Gas tariffs - including fixed and online options - based on estimated energy usage
  • Information about end dates and cancellation fees, to help ensure customers are on the right tariff for them.

Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy uSwitch.com welcomed the move: "Consumers have been crying out for simpler, clearer and easier bills and information from energy suppliers for years. Including a comparison table showing its products and prices on customers' annual statements is a move towards greater transparency.

"However, it's important that British Gas customers see this information as a first step towards getting the best deal for them and not the final step. The fact is that comparing prices for one supplier isn't enough. To really make the competitive market work for them, consumers need to compare all plans and suppliers."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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