Thursday 8 March 2012

Set green jobs targets for women, demands charity

Set green jobs targets for women, demands charity

Governments should set targets to get women in green jobs when they meet at UN talks in Rio this summer, a European women's group has demanded.

The charity, Women in Europe for a Common Future made the demands as International Women's Day was celebrated around the world today.

In June, heads of state will meet to discuss Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and one of the main themes of the summit is "Green Economy".

Sascha Gabizon, executive director of WECF said: "Women should not be left out, we want governments to set ambitious targets for green jobs for women. A target of 40% is a good beginning." Her charity also wants a global basic income for women of at least 1 dollar a day.

She added: "Today, 70% of the poor are women. If we meet in another 20 years time at the Rio+40 summit, let's make sure that this flagrant inequality no longer exists."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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