Wednesday 7 March 2012

Energy saving scammers strike twice

Energy saving scammers strike twice

Fraudsters who sold pensioners dodgy 'energy-saving' devices have struck again by calling them to offer compensation - then running off with a £300 admin fee.

The Trading Standards Institute raised concerns after being made aware of a bogus 'Claims Management Company' offering compensation to the victims of the first rip-off, which was uncovered in December.

Trading standards first warned about the scam last year. Unsuspecting elderly consumers were sold plug-in devices, which failed to stand up to electrical safety standards or even deliver any tangible energy savings when tested.

Sue Jones from Westminster Council's Trading Standards said: "Just like with the first scam where consumers are cold called to buy the energy savings device, the caller appears very credible and has a lot of information about the person they are calling."

Ron Gainsford, the Trading Standards Institute's chief executive said: "We are very concerned about the way these criminals are now targeting their past victims.

"This is a classic scam scenario used by criminals in different guises; they dangle a carrot to obtain some money from the consumer and then vanish. Genuine companies would never ask for money up front before handing over compensation."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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