Thursday 1 March 2012

David Cameron admits onshore wind is ‘wasteful of public money’

David Cameron admits onshore wind is ‘wasteful of public money’

Prime Minister David Cameron led a searing criticism of onshore wind yesterday saying the subsidies the technology receives are "wasteful of public money". His comments come soon after over 100 backbenchers wrote to him condemning subsidies for the technology last month.

Responding to Ian Swales MP at Prime Ministers Questions Mr Cameron said: "We're cutting the subsidy to onshore wind because I think it has been over-subsidised and wasteful of public money."

Mr Swales, MP for Redcar, is objecting to the installation of 120-metre wind turbines within a mile of two villages in his constituency. Mr Cameron added the Coalition would also be giving more power to people who were against turbines locally: "The second thing we're doing is the Localism Act will give local communities a greater say over issues like wind turbines".

DECC said there was nothing new lined up for the subsidy, which is due to be reduced by 10% by 2013.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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