Friday 24 February 2012

New voice for energy sector

New voice for energy sector

The UK will get a new body representing the views of the energy generators from April. Energy UK will represent the voice of suppliers big and small and is designed to give a uniform message that is clearer to consumers.

Energy UK will be made up by the merger of the Association of Electricity Producers, the Energy Retail Association and the UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy. The current AEP chief executive David Porter will assume the same role at Energy UK with a new chairman and a new board made of 16 members. The Big Six will get six seats on the board the rest will be divvied up to represent the views of smaller scale generators.

The body will act as a voice for the industry as a whole and Mr Porter told ELN is in his view, this is a positive step.

"I think it will be good for the industry it will be able to hold its head up and it will have a view that is properly representative. This is good for smaller players, if this new organisation has a meeting with a Minister it will be obliged to be sharing their views," he said.

At present Energy UK is a body speaking for the Big Six so isn't using the same name going to be confusing? Mr Porter doesn't think so adding: "Its not ideal but its the best name we could come up with. I don't think the name matters, we are now going to get some high profile messages across stronger and we must be more representative of industry. This will not be a talking shop for the Big Six. This new body will convey a big range of interests and day to day issues affecting the industry and small and medium players will be able to have their say."

The new body will come into being from April 2nd.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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