Tuesday 21 February 2012

UK and France to connect grids via channel islands link

UK and France to connect grids via channel islands link

A renewable firm from the Channel Islands has agreed to develop an electricity interconnector between the UK and France. The 'FABLink' could export up to 4GW of tidal power from a new marine energy site in Alderney's waters.

Alderney Renewable Energy, who will develop the new tidal array (pictured) will work with French grid operators. The firms involved say the connection between the Channel Island and the UK and French mainlands could serve as a useful power trading link between both countries.

The French Industry Minister Eric Besson and the UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey signed a declaration to work together in strengthening ties between both countries.

Both ministers said in a statement: "We acknowledge the importance of developing new electricity interconnectors between our two countries in order to strengthen further the linking of our grids, improve the security of our energy supplies and facilitate the integration of intermittent energy sources."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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