Thursday 1 January 1970

The Wright Commission at Energy Live Future

The Retailers Energy Forum supported by Energy Live News would like to honour Bill Wright who sadly passed away in May 2017. As many will be aware, Bill was a champion for energy, innovation and energy reduction and worked for many years at John Lewis. The Wright Commission has been set up to honour his memory and to highlight the innovation taking place in energy reduction.

The Wright Commission is a competition to highlight new, exciting and innovative ideas in the energy management space. The prize will be a year’s mentoring from a major UK retailer to bring the idea to market.

We are looking for companies, organisations or individuals with an idea for energy reduction/saving to come forward and share them. The initial requirement is to submit your paper by 28th February. Your paper will need to be no more than 500 words and answer the following:

  • Name of Product/Service/Innovation
  • What it is, what it does
  • The potential impacts and benefits
  • Likely costs and therefore likely ROI

Papers will be assessed by members of the Retailers Energy Forum. The process will culminate in a final at Energy Live Future which will be on 7th June at The Crystal in London’s Docklands. If you are a finalist, you will need to be able to present for five minutes on your innovation and take questions from an invited energy professionals audience.

The competition is free to enter. Finalists will have the opportunity to show their idea to 250 plus invited energy professionals in the Lab Area of Energy Live Future at no cost.

Please note the following:

  1. We are looking for companies/persons with ideas for reducing energy and saving cost.
  2. The idea/product/service must not be in use in the UK or have UK users which have paid for it. Anything in prototype or trial stage is eligible.
  3. It does not need to be only for retailers, it can be for use in many sectors.
  4. The company or person must be able to accept that if they win the prize, they must commit time and resources with the mentoring retailer. The retailer will not be obliged to buy the innovation/product/service.

If you would like to discuss the above, get Geoff Curran on 020 8815 9222 or

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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