Friday 20 May 2022

Sustainability policies only known by a third of employees

Sustainability policies only known by a third of employees

Two thirds of employees are unaware of the sustainability policies of the companies they work for.

That’s according to research by Treedom, which reveals that even though 64% of European businesses have these targets in place, the majority are not enlightening staff on what they mean.

Of those 7,000 workers surveyed, one-in-five have revealed that they are not sure whether their company has a policy whatsoever.

Although the information is not being filtered through the companies, the desire is there – with 64% of employees stating they want to learn about policies, this number reaching 70% for Gen Z workers.

The survey also revealed that opinions on employment are shifting, with 67% claiming sustainability is a key factor when they look for a new role, with Italians the most supportive of this (86%) out of all Europeans.

Federico Garcea, CEO at Treedom, said: “Employees need to be engaged in the sustainability journey to make a lasting positive impact as well as to remain competitive as a business by attracting the best talent.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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