Tuesday 18 May 2021

Spurs defender Eric Dier talks sustainability and spuds

Spurs defender Eric Dier talks sustainability and spuds

Tottenham Hotspur footballer Eric Dier has been growing his own vegetables and promoting sustainability for a better future.

In a recent BBC interview, he remarked: “It’s very rewarding and enjoyable and means that little bit more when you’ve grown it yourself”.

On the topic of sustainability, he said: “It’s a subject which I think we all need to be thoughtful of in our day-to-day lives.

“I think that with a lot of things there’s always that mentality that people think I’m not going to make a difference you know, but I think that’s the wrong mentality to have. Because if everyone with that mentality was to then do something, altogether that would make a big difference.”

Spurs was named the Premier League’s most sustainable football club at the turn of the year and the player praised the work the North London giant has been doing off the pitch.

“The club is really doing lots to try and be as sustainable as possible. [The club] showed me everything from redoing the pitches here, how they reuse that earth and grass to then go into different things around the training ground and how everything here is recycled.

“The vegetable garden, lots of the stuff here we eat in our canteen upstairs and I’ve probably eaten something today at lunch from here so that’s incredible.”

Dier reiterated that whatever you can do to help the environment, you should - he said: “Whether it’s something you can do at home, [such as] recycling. I’ve got a few friends who have very small vegetable gardens even on their windowsills in apartments.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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