Tuesday 19 January 2021

LEON launches carbon-neutral burger menu – but can meat really be green?

LEON launches carbon-neutral burger menu – but can meat really be green?

Fast-food brand LEON has launched a new menu of burgers and fries it claims are carbon-neutral.

It says the new menu will include chicken and fish burgers, as well as a pea protein option from plant-based producer Meatless Farm.

LEON notes it is measuring, reducing and offsetting the new menu's carbon footprint across the whole supply chain, including ingredients, packaging and kitchen operations, with the offsets helping to fund rainforest conservation projects in South America and an afforestation project in the UK.

Plant-based diets generally have much lower environmental impacts than equivalent meat-based meals.

Kirsty Saddler, Values and Sustainability Director at LEON said, “Being kind to the planet has been at the heart of LEON since we launched in 2004. We are working to reduce our emissions and achieve a net zero target by 2030, offsetting unavoidable emissions, with reforestation and afforestation projects, is an important commitment for us as we work towards that long-term target.

“Partnering with Meatless Farm and ClimatePartner to become the UK’s first fast-food restaurant to launch a carbon-neutral burger and fries range on the high-street is an important next step for us as a sustainable business. The future of fast food must be kinder to the planet.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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