Friday 20 March 2020

WRAP to offer £1.5m grant to support innovative textiles projects

WRAP to offer £1.5m grant to support innovative textiles projects

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has announced a £1.5 million grant to support projects that provide innovative ways to recycle or re-use textile waste, to reduce the amount sent to landfill and to extend the life of products.

The grant is part of an £18 million Resource Action Fund under the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) - for a project to be eligible, it will require match funding of 10% from non-profits and 50% from commercial organisations.

Peter Maddox, Director of WRAP UK, said: “We’re looking for really imaginative solutions to the barriers to textile recycling and re-use, such as new technologies, interventions or equipment that hasn’t been tried and tested before. We have had a tremendous response to previous Resource Action Fund grant funding offers, and I confidently expect a similar level of quality applications for this offer.”

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow, added: “Fast fashion is having a real impact on our environment. With more than 300,000 tonnes of clothing being sent to landfill or incineration every year, it’s important that we find ways to make the textiles sector more sustainable and environmentally friendly. I look forward to seeing the innovative solutions that are awarded funding under this new grant scheme.”

The grant will fall between a sum of £20,000 and £170,000 and is available to organisations of any size, both commercial and not-for-profit that demonstrate “innovation beyond normal practice”.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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